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Funeral Etiquette

When someone you know passes away, your first instinct is to offer encouragement, help, and support to those affected — but you may not be sure what to say or do. It’s okay to feel this way.

Does it matter what I wear? Can I bring the children? What should I say to the family of the deceased? When should I visit? McClure Funeral Service – Graham offers guidance on the proper etiquette of visitations and funerals, so you’ll feel more comfortable and prepared for attending services.

Traditional British funeral etiquette is centred around the wishes of the immediately bereaved family members who are arranging the funeral. This means that other family members and friends take their lead, or follow the funeral details provided by the funeral director on the family’s behalf.

What To Say

It can be difficult to know what to say to the family of the deceased to express your sympathy. To begin, offer your condolences to the family. If you are comfortable, share a memory of the deceased. In this difficult time, sharing the joy of the deceased’s life can help comfort the bereaved. For example, “I was so sorry to hear of Mary’s passing. She was always such a wonderful friend to me."

What To Wear
When To Visit
What Not To Say

Try not to give comments that minimize the loss, such as "It's probably for the best, because he was suffering too much," or "I've been in your shoes myself." These will not provide comfort to the bereaved Wait for the family to discuss the cause of death. Do not bring it up yourself.

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